How can I order?

  • selection of item, by type and characteristic
  • "Order" selection - the item is added to the "bag"
  • filling in the required fields (name, address, delivery method, payment method)
  • "Complete order" selection

To place a valid order to the e-shop, the user must specify:
* correctly filled in contact details - two names, email, contact phone
* correctly filled in address for delivery of the goods
The prices of the goods and items offered by include delivery.
- An order is placed in the e-shop by pressing the "Complete order" button, after at least one product has been selected first, using the "Order" button.
- When placing an order, the user receives a confirmation of the order at the e-mail address and / or mobile phone indicated by him, as in the confirmation the number of the order and the date on which it was made are indicated.
- Orders in the e-shop are accepted on weekdays from 8.30 to 17.00.
- Online product consultations can be performed at any time (including weekends), via email or through the contact form on the site.
- Orders received with missing data of the buyer (user) are canceled due to inability to be executed.
- The User may refuse an order, as it is necessary to immediately inform the Seller.

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